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Have you ever dreamed of conquering different parts of earth? Wished you could dive below or surf above the waves? Do you ever watch the sky and wish you could fly like bird?

Why stop there? Regardless of how old you are, if your heart is young and ready for some adventure we will help you to make your dream come true.

If you are bored of sitting at home or tired of the same routine everyday just wishing you could experience something new, let us take you on a adventure and see if you can find yourself in some of our elements of adventures.

Water, air or earth? Which element is yours – YOU DECIDE.

Estoy orgulloso de ti

Javier H

Co-Creator of 3elementsadventures
Climbed my first mountain of 4k when I was 4 years old. Climbed Kilimanjaro and Everest when I was 10 years old. Since then, I´ve always loved adventure and had been great at it. Now I´m looking for more adventure with people like me, are you ready to be a part of my adventurous team?

Martina Z

Co-Creator of 3elementsadventures
Specialised for the water world and water adventures. Professional guide for snorkeling and diving in Croatia. If you decide to go on a adventure with Martina, without any fear you can feel free to face yourself with the strength of the water because from the moment you enter the water till the moment you come back to the coast you are supervised by experienced water specialist.

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Angela Merkel

German Traveller

I thought my element is definitely earth.
But after climbing and hiking the mountains, with the incredible company of professionals, I started to be more and more interested in air adventures. That's when I tried skydiving. Believe me, I was scared A LOT!
But the team is amazing, and once you try some of the adventures, that „3 Elements Adventures“ offers, you definitely become addicted to the adrenalin and experience. Next summer I'm taking my whole family to snorkel, even my six-year-old niece, and sixty-eight-year old grandfather. Regards from California and see you next year in Croatia!



World traveller

Which every element of adventures you try – you won't regret it. I went climbing and mountain biking 2 months ago and I will definitely do it again. But before that I want to try diving and rafting.